Varicose Veins Treatment in Pune

What are Varicose Veins?

Visible dilated veins

varicose veins treatment in pune

Veins in lower limb have valves which keep the blood moving towards heart and prevents backflow. If valves are weak or damaged, backflow of blood occurs which pools the veins.

Continuous pooling causes veins to become stretched, swollen and tortuous. Varicose veins are swollen, twisted and bulged veins that are clearly visible in legs and feet.

They usually don’t cause any problems. But, they may disfigure and causes cosmetic concern in females. Raised pressure in these veins causes development of spider veins and discoloured areas which look like bruises.

Dr. Kaurabhi Zade is one of the Best varicose vein specialist  in pune, brings over 10 years of experience in minimally invasive surgery. she helping you understand your condition and the best treatment options. With a high success rate, she has performed over 10,000 minimally invasive procedures, both vascular and non-vascular.

Symptoms of varicose veins

  • Pain in leg
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Leg discoloration
  • Leg ulcer

Risk Factors for Developing Varicose Veins

Many factors can raise your risk for developing varicose veins, including family history, older age, female gender, pregnancy, obesity, prolonged standing or sitting, blood clots and prior trauma.

Varicose Veins Treatment 

Endovenous laser ablation treatment EVLT vericose vein

Leg ulcers due to varicose veins

Endovenous laser ablation treatment (EVLT)

Zade Vascular clinic is a renowned name for the treatment of varicose veins treatment in Pune. We use Endovenous laser (EVLT) technology for this treatment. Dr. Kaurabhi Zade is experienced vascular surgeon in Pune.

EVLT is a minimally invasive treatment that uses heat to close off problematic veins and relieve the symptoms they cause. It is the best way to treat varicose veins, as it lowers the risk of post-operative infection. Using imaging guidance, the interventional radiologist threads a thin laser fiber into the problem vein through a tiny needle.

Next, the radiologist numbs the length of the vein to minimize discomfort during the heating process. Finally, the laser heat causes the vein to close. Once the problem vein is closed, blood will flow through the remaining healthy veins. This is all accomplished while patients rest comfortably. Return to most normal daily activities is allowed immediately.

It is takes just 30-45 min to complete this procedure and is performed under local anaesthesia. In this procedure veins are tested by percutaneously inserting introducers. After that, laser filament is inserted through the introducer. Then after confirming the position of laser filament with the help of ultrasound, solution of saline with lidocaine is allowed to penetrated surrounding the vein.

Then laser is slowly removed. Person may feel slight bruising after treatment, but it is not easily visible. The leg is bandaged with a compression stocking after completing EVLT procedure for at least one week.

Treatment Procedure

Varicose Veins Treatment Pune
  1. The varicose veins are identified using ultrasound. Then ultrasound gel is applied on leg and a wand like transducer is moved over the skin.
  2. Then surgical area of leg is cleaned and local anesthesia is applied in that area. A laser fiber is inserted inside the leg and areas along the veins.
  3. Once area of leg gets numb, a small incision is made at the vein and a very thin tube called catheter is inserted into the vein. Then a thin laser fiber is inserted into the catheter and laser pulses are delivered while slowly pulling the laser and the catheter back out of the vein. The laser light pulses cause the affected vein to shrink and eventually shut.
  4. The laser fiber and catheter is removed out of your leg.
  5. The incision is bandaged in the leg. Incisions generally do not need stitches.

Advantages Endovenous laser ablation treatment (EVLT)

  • Daycare surgery
  • No suture
  • Done under local anesthesia
  • Immediate back to work

Risks and Complications

Following risks and complications can appear in the treatment:

  1. Allergic reaction to the local anesthetic
  2. Blood clots
  3. Bruising and swelling
  4. Damage to deeper veins and other blood vessels
  5. Infection
  6. Inflammation of the remaining vein or at the incision
  7. Numbness
  8. Skin burns

Post Treatment Care

Person may feel soreness and inflammation after performing EVLT treatment. Doctor may give OTC medications to relieve this. Consult with varicose veins best doctor in Pune if pain gets worsen as it might be a sign of a complication.

Doctor cover the leg with compression stockings bandage after procedure to stabilize operated veins and help them heal. Doctor also tell to walk frequently.

Recovery time varies from person to person and depends on general health, your age, and other factors. Full recovery takes a few days to a few weeks.

Unlock a Future Free from Varicose Veins!

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