Vascular Surgeon in Pune

Vascular Surgeon In Pune

Dr. Kaurabhi Zade is the Best Vascular Surgeon in Pune. She has 10+ years of experience of working as a Vascular Surgeon. She expert in minimally invasive surgeries. 

Being the best vascular surgeon Dr. Kaurabhi Zade believes in to provide expert consultation for all vascular and oncology problem and to empower you with an understanding of your condition and best treatment plan. She efficiently provides minimally invasive treatment options available with high success-rate.

What does vascular in medical terminology mean?

Vascular describes arteries and veins. Vascular specialist. a medical professional who focuses on the surgical repair of blood vessels Vein. a vein by which oxygen-depleted blood returns to the heart, excluding pulmonary veins.

Why do vascular infections occur?

When arteries or veins get infected by bacteria, fungi, or viruses, vascular infections result. Vascular surgery is the primary method for achieving this, mainly if one of your blood vessels has been replaced, patched, or bypassed.

Why would you visit a vascular specialist or Surgeon?

The quick response? When a vascular issue is identified as present or when you display typical vascular disease symptoms, you should consult a vascular specialist. A primary care doctor or podiatrist typically refers a patient to a vascular specialist or Surgeon. Dr. Kaurabhi Zade has 10+ years of experience as a Vascular Surgeon and Varicose Veins Treatment in Pune.

What Is Interventional Radiology

“Interventional radiology (IR) is one of the biggest advances in medical practice, offering treatments with less risk and less pain than open surgery”

Through a tiny incision in your skin, interventional radiologists deliver precisely, targeted treatment to complex and sometimes life-threatening diseases and conditions. IR treatments are a well-accepted choice for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, uterine fibroids, varicose veins and many other common and serious medical issues.

IR is particularly relevant for patients who are in frail health or who have already undergone numerous surgeries.


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